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Cleaning for Safety

From restaurants to office buildings, athletic facilities, schools and healthcare organizations, Sea Breeze has been sanitizing and disinfecting commercial environments for over 40 years.

Our team of dedicated and trained professionals is here to help deal with COVID-19 Virus protection solutions.


Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

 The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) requires professional exhaust hood cleaning for all commercial kitchens. Failure to meet these requirements not only increases the risk of fire, but also can put a restaurant at risk for hefty fines and mandatory closure. 


Exhaust hood systems play an important role in the restaurant kitchen, pulling heat, smoke, and odor away from cooking surfaces. This is for the protection of both employees and the restaurant facility itself, but over time, the greasy buildup inside hoods and ductwork can become a safety hazard of its own.

Protecting against this hazard requires regular and thorough cleaning of the exhaust hood, exhaust hood filters, and ductwork. Grease buildup inside the hood duct system is among the leading causes of restaurant fires, and proper maintenance and cleaning can drastically reduce this risk.


Gym & Health Club Cleaning

 A gym is an abnormally damp environment where sweat creates moist conditions ideal for germs, bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses.   And while you can’t stop the sweating (which after all is the reason for a gym), you can make sure your premises are spotlessly clean at all times so that bugs and nasties don’t get the upper hand. 

At Sea Breeze, we know the importance of good hygiene in the fitness industry and our range of cleaning solutions will ensure you deliver a positive image and provide your customers with an enhanced fitness experience.

We supply a wide range of cleaning equipment specifically designed for gyms and fitness facilities including personal training studios, CrossFit providers, yoga and Pilates studios, aquatic centres, boxing and weightlifting gyms, and martial arts studios.


Education Facility Cleaning

A school is a place for education, and it’s also a place where kids can socialize and develop skills that will help them later in life.

When it comes to making sure school is a safe environment, the importance of cleanliness in school cannot be overlooked. 


If a school environment is dirty or unkempt, it can actually have a negative effect on a student's overall learning experience. When schools are clean, it aids students with their focus on the task at hand. A clean environment ensures the health and safety of everyone including teachers. When teachers are out sick due to a dirty school, it can affect the student's experience, too.

The importance of cleanliness in school reaches far beyond the way things look. It can be much more profound and have a real impact on the quality of the students’ education.  Dirt and grime promote the spread of germs, which can also encourage the spread of communicable diseases. A clean school is crucial to ensure that children and teachers don’t get sick.If sickness spreads throughout an entire school, it can have devastating consequences. The sickness can be passed not just to people in the school, but also to other members of the community. 


Medical Cleaning

Our entire staff are Level 4 Healthcare Cleaning Certified. In addition, they are also also certified surgical cleaning technicians (CSCT) by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).

 Cleaning of healthcare facilities is performed for medical and cultural reasons. Maintaining an environment with a low pathogenic burden is essential for avoiding complications during the care and recuperation of patients. A healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space with clean surfaces is comforting to patients and their families by giving an impression of good quality care without additional health hazards. 

While cleaning is important in all economic sectors, it serves the healthcare industry the dual functions of: (i) surface cleanliness, and (ii) infection prevention and control. As such, healthcare settings require intensive and frequent cleaning with a wide range of products. This document summarizes the main health and environmental impacts related to conventional surface cleaning, describes a systems approach for designing and implementing healthier and environmentally friendlier cleaning strategies for the healthcare sector, and indicates areas where future research and policy initiatives are needed.  


Office Cleaning

 Employees who are able to work in a clean, healthy office often have less sick days and are more productive. A commercial office cleaning service enables you to focus on running your business and not the daily removal of dirt, grime and more from your facilities.  

 Bacteria, allergens and germs are everywhere. Employees as well as customers and visitors can easily spread illness by simply touching surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards and door handles. Regular professional office cleaning that includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and other cleaning can improve the health of your work environment as it reduces the presence of bacteria, germs, and allergens in the workplace. Allergens such as dust mites and mold spores can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, possibly resulting in sick days and reduced productivity. 

 Customers and visitors will feel more welcome and happier entering an office that has stain-free carpets and reception area seating as well as dust-free lighting fixtures and a clean bathroom stocked with paper goods and full soap dispensers. You'll feel confident meeting with customers and guests in a conference room that smells fresh and looks clean to even the most discerning eye. 


Valet Trash Service


Sea Breeze valet waste removal is a service that offers a range of benefits for both the owner of the multi-family property and its tenants. Some of those benefits include:

  1. Enhances the Value of the Property — A number of factors affect property values, but adding desirable amenities such as valet waste removal can have a significant impact on the valuation of your property. When you offer the services tenants want, you increase your marketability and demand, ultimately increasing value.
  2. Lowers Payroll Costs, While Increasing Efficiency — When you run a busy commercial property, you generally have to spend a lot of money on management, administrative, and operational staff members. By outsourcing your waste removal needs to a valet waste removal company, you reduce your payroll costs, but at the same time, you improve the efficiency of your operation by working with a specialist.
  3. Reduces Messes — When you opt for valet trash removal, your tenants don’t have to carry bags of trash to the dumpster, and as a result, you don’t have to worry about leaking trash bags making a mess in your hallways. You also don’t have to worry about overflowing dumpsters or garbage cans outside your building, which can attract wild animals or become a health hazard.
  4. Makes Life Easier for Your Tenants — Your tenants are busy with work, school, family, and other obligations, and taking out the trash is just another job on their to-do list. If you offer valet waste removal as an amenity, you can improve the quality of life by giving your tenants one less thing to do.


Floor Cleaning

 Proper floor care is a critical component in nearly every aspect of a business. Whether it’s carpet, wood, or tile flooring, it’s important to maintain your floors in the workplace. Constant foot traffic inevitably tracks in dust, dirt, and other allergens that disrupt your business’s workflow and appeal. However, well-kept floors are only half of the equation to ensuring a positive impression of your building. Depending on what type of business you conduct, your floors may or may not compliment your operations—or worse—cost you money. 


Floors set the tone for your customer as soon as they walk in. A clean and shiny foundation provides them with a feeling of comfortability and creates a sense of trust in your facility whereas neglected floors make them question what the rest of it will look like—assuming they’re willing to tread onward.

If your building is brand new, you’ll likely receive compliments (or at least no complaints) on your floor. Yet, unless you invest in professional commercial floor care maintenance, it won’t always be that way.  The condition of your flooring is representative of your company’s professionalism, attention to detail, and level of cleanliness. Simply put, when was the last time you had the desire to revisit a dirty facility? The answer: never!

 Most slip accidents happen when floors are contaminated. Effective cleaning should remove contamination and reduce the risk of slips. Incorrect cleaning can lead to a build-up of contamination, making the floor more slippery. 


Pressure Washing

 Ensuring your building maintains a welcoming and professional look can be difficult. You have a variety of factors working against you, such as pollution, birds, mildew, graffiti, gum, grease and dirt that can make your roof, windows, walls and sidewalks filthy.  


It's not just the walls, windows and roof that benefit from professional pressure washing, other spaces and property associated with the building can be pressure washed as well. The sidewalks and walkways in front of a building are some of the most popular spaces to be pressure washed. This process can remove unsightly gum and garbage stains caused by regular public use. 

Parking garages, loading docks, dumpster areas, parking lots, facades and awnings can also all benefit from pressure washing. They'll improve the employee and client experience at the building and make the building itself look better. 


Pressure washing can help make the work environment better for employees in the building by eliminating potentially harmful substances. Pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, mildew, algae and bird droppings can all lead to negative health consequences, such as trouble breathing, allergies or diseases. Pressure washing gets rid of these substances and, when done regularly, helps prevent them from developing. 

Professional cleaning can also help prevent slips and falls – some of the most common workplace accidents. Pressure washing sidewalks, walkways, parking garages and other surfaces can help get rid of grease, mold and other substances that can cause an employee to slip and hurt themselves on the building's property.